Chamber Foundation


About the Chamber Foundation

The Bay County Chamber Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization managed by the Bay County Chamber of Commerce. It is the lead organization for Bay County’s aims of advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding of economics, matters of public concern, finance, education and training, housing, human relations, problems of minority groups, science and technology, economic planning and development, international relations, and other subjects related to improved efficiency, development, and acceleration of both the quality and quantity of economic growth and employment opportunities.

Education Programs

The Bay County Chamber Foundation provides educational programs such as Leadership Bay, Junior Leadership Bay, Bay Young Professionals, Education Committee, Career Connections, Educators in industry, continuing education and more. These programs help educate everyone from high school students to experienced business professionals.

Leadership Bay

Founded in 1983, Leadership Bay is a community leadership development program. Based on the premise that people are our most important resource, the purpose of the program is to offer potential leaders a curriculum in community leadership training. Participation is limited. Learn more.

Junior Leadership Bay

Junior Leadership Bay is an exciting program, founded by the Leadership Bay Class of 2000, for high school juniors. It prepares Bay County’s youth and future business leaders to meet the challenges facing our area through hands-on activities and exciting discussions involving community leaders and motivational speakers. Participation is limited. Learn more.

Bay Young Professionals

Bay Young Professionals, also known as BYP, is a program created by the Leadership Bay Class of 2006.  BYP offers opportunities to develop leadership skills with additional experiences beyond the classroom and job environment. Learn more.

Education Committee

The Bay County Chamber’s Education Committee serves as the liaison between the business community and the Bay County Education System. Members assist in the planning and implementation of programs aimed to provide opportunities to prepare students to enter the workforce. Learn more.

Continuing Education

Our continuing education opportunities allow you to take your skills to the next level and promote personal, as well as professional, development. Topics include public speaking, sales effectiveness, employment law, customer service and more. Visit our events calendar to learn about upcoming continuing education events.

Partnership Bay

Partnership Bay is a result of the Leadership Bay Class of 2022-2023. Partnership Bay will serve as a connection between the Bay County business community and Bay District Schools in need of help. Businesses are given direct contact to the school they choose to adopt, so teachers and staff may reach out when needed.  This allows schools, the business community, and teachers to take advantage of readily available resources to build a better Bay!

If you are interested in signing up your business to get connected to a school, click here.