Junior Leadership Bay


JLB is an exciting Bay County Chamber program, founded by the Leadership Bay Class of 2000, for high school juniors – running October through May of each year. It prepares Bay County’s youth and future business leaders to meet the challenges facing our area through hands-on activities and exciting discussions involving community leaders and motivational speakers. This program is designed to educate local students on the resources and opportunities available in Bay County to benefit the future of Bay County. (Additional fee required.)

The JLB Program is for students who demonstrate leadership potential and provides a setting to practice constructive leadership skills, committed involvement and responsible participation in the community.

Who Can Participate?

The students are selected by school leadership through an application process. The applications will be solicited from juniors at each public and private high school in Bay County. Home-schooled students are welcome to apply. Copies of the application form will be available at a designated counselor’s office.

Scholarships for Higher Learning

Each year, in the spirit and vision of JLB, one outstanding graduating participant will be awarded a full four-year scholarship to attend Gulf Coast State College and Florida State University – Panama City Campus.

BYP Steering Committee

The Bay Young Professionals Steering Committee is responsible for the professional planning of the Bay Young Professionals Program, and establishes programs that follow the direction of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce. Committee members should be a member in good standing of the Chamber who is interested in the work of the committee. Each committee member is responsible for his/her share of the work as outlined by the Chair. The committee member is also responsible for contributing his/her knowledge, talents and time to the committee.

For questions regarding Bay Young Professionals or the BYP Steering Committee contact Lisa Moore at 850-215-3761 or [email protected].