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Hello and Welcome,

It is my privilege to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of your Chamber of Commerce for 2019.  As we all work to recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Michael, I am encouraged by the spirit of collaboration I’ve witnessed throughout our community.  I believe that by continuing this deliberate and inclusive effort, involving all stakeholders and without regard to local, social or professional boundaries, we have an opportunity to truly Build a Better Bay.

The past year was eventful prior to October 10.  In cooperation with our local legal community, federal delegation, and the governments of Bay County and Panama City, we were able to prevent the Federal Courthouse from closing.  With the Bay Defense Alliance, we began working towards the MQ-9 remotely piloted aircraft (“Reaper”) bed-down at Tyndall Air Force Base, visiting airmen at Holloman Air Force Base to determine what their needs would be as they relocated to our community, and hosting the Director of the Air Force Civil Engineering Center as he visited our base to iron out the logistical challenges of the new mission.  We began a partnership with NextSite, Bay County, and the cities of Panama City, Parker, and Callaway to bring new national retailers to our unused commercial spaces and to help existing businesses better understand their markets and the habits of their customers.

On an internal note, the Chamber also rolled out its new website and remodeled the exterior of our building. Sadly, the building was nearly a total loss but plans are to rebuild as your investment with the organization allowed us to be fully insured. As I am writing this, I am pleased to note that while the storm may have delayed the progress of these projects, none have been cancelled.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the efforts of our 2018 Chairman, Doug Moore, and by our President, Carol Roberts, and her staff.  No undertaking has proven too overwhelming for your Chamber team, as the events following Hurricane Michael’s impact remarkably demonstrated.  Doug lived at the Emergency Operations Center for over a month, serving not only as a representative of the county’s businesses but also as a volunteer liaison between the EOC staff and the rest of the world, a role he has transitioned to on a more permanent basis.  Immediately following the storm, the Chamber staff began contacting our local businesses to determine their status and needs, by majority with face to face visits, phone and email. Over one thousand businesses were contacted.  In addition, we held several seminars on assistance opportunities from FEMA, SBA, and the state of Florida, participated in both long-term and short-term recovery discussions, and were even able to hold our annual First Responders Appreciation Luncheon, where we served and delivered over 850 meals to police, fire, and emergency medical personnel.

Without a doubt, 2019 and the years that follow will be trying for all of us as we work on both our personal and collective recovery.  However, like the phoenix of Greek mythology, we will emerge from the piles of debris and blue tarps a new, Better Bay.

Yours in Service,

Will Cramer
Chairman, Bay County Chamber of Commerce

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