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Moving Checklist

Planing, planning, and more planning is the key to a successful move! When you are in your planning process, begin by setting three important dates: packing, loading, and delivery. A good checklist is also essential. By planning early, moving will go more smoothly. Use the following checklist as a guideline to help plan your move!

4-6 Weeks Before You Move

  1. Have an inventory session. Decide what you want to take and what you would like to get rid of.
  2. Schedule a garage sale for items you’re not taking. Donate other items to charity and get a receipt for tax purposes.
  3. Get estimates from moving companies.
  4. Make any travel arrangements needed for the trip (i.e. hotel/airline reservations).
  5. Arrange for packing. If you do it yourself, label box contents according to room location.
  6. If moving out of town, gather personal records: medical, dental, veterinarian, school, birth, baptismal, marriage, etc. Note: Send school transcripts in advance to the new school.
  7. Keep track of moving expenses for tax purposes.
  8. Close local department store and charge accounts you will not be using once you move.
  9. Arrange with employers to forward tax withholding forms.
  10. Make arrangements to discontinue:
    • Newspaper delivery
    • Water Softener Service
    • Electricity (check for deposit refund)
    • Water Service (check for deposit refund)
    • Gas Service (check for deposit refund)
    • Telephone Service (check for deposit refund)
    • Cable (check for deposit refund)
    • Garbage Collection
    • Pool/Lawn Service
    • Pest Control Service
    • Other: _____________________
  11. Make arrangements to have the above services completed at your new home.
  12. Notify your change of address to:
    • Post Office
    • Social Security Office
    • Insurance Companies
    • Bank
    • Credit Cards
    • Magazines
    • Friends and Relatives
    • Other: ____________________

2-3 Weeks Before You Move

  1. Fill and transfer prescriptions for your family and pets: Pack them so they can travel with you.
  2. If packing yourself, begin packing items that are seldom used.
  3. Safely dispose of or give away household flammables or goods movers cannot transport.
  4. Make arrangements to have your new home cleaned or clean it yourself.

One Week Before You Move

  1. Defrost refrigerator and freezer. Dispose of frozen foods.
  2. If needed, transfer bank accounts and remove items from safe deposit boxes.
  3. Pack items to be carried in the car.
  4. Have car serviced for the trip.
  5. Verify the movers have the correct moving information.
  6. Other: ____________________

Moving Day

  1. Pack a box of basics you will need immediately when you move in and mark it “Open me First.”
  2. Pack your suitcases.
  3. Conduct last-minute walk-through. Make sure everything is locked and closed.
  4. Other: ____________________

Delivery Day

  1. Be at your new address before the movers arrive.
  2. Check off your inventory list
  3. Other: ____________________