Military Affairs Committee (MAC)


What is MAC?

The Military Affairs Committee, also known as MAC, was started in 1946 and is the Bay County Chamber of Commerce’s largest committee. They serve as the liaison between the civilian and the military community. MAC hosts many social events, recognizing new and departing leadership from our area bases, as well as being one of the sponsors of the Tyndall Air Show. The committee is nationally recognized for their success and support of the military. Many communities around the country model their groups after our MAC. This committee is a great way for you to get involved and to show support to a sector of Bay County that is vital to its economy.

The Purpose of MAC

The purpose of MAC is to promote development of Bay County’s military community, defined as the military installations located in Bay County, the military and the civilian personnel assigned to those installations and their departments. The military community is a valuable contributor to the economic, civic and cultural life of Bay County.

MAC Memberships

Any member of either the Bay County Chamber of Commerce or the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce may join MAC at a cost of a one-time $50 fee to join and a pro-rata share for each event.  Any member in good standing of a surrounding county Chamber of Commerce may join MAC for a one time fee of $100 and a pro-rata share of each event.  Coporate memberships are also available.

The MAC committee is kept up-to-date with the quarterly e-newsletter “MAC Messenger”.

For more information on the Military Affairs Committee, contact Aimee Bright at [email protected] or at (850)215-3759.

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