Governmental Affairs


Mission Statement

To monitor activities of the city, county, state, and federal governmental entities and enhance the working relationship between the Chamber and governmental leaders to ensure a business friendly environment.

What We Do

The Governmental Affairs Committee acts as a liaison between Bay County’s public officials and the Chamber’s membership. In addition to following local, state and federal issues and building relationships with different government entities, the Committee also listens to and acts on the requests of the general membership. The committee conducts many functions including:

  • Trip to Tallahassee: Chamber leadership travels to the state capital at least once during the legislative session to promote the Chamber’s state legislative agenda. Small groups also travel to the capital as needed to address issues that arise. Contact with Federal elected officials and, at times, travel to Washington DC helps to promote our Federal agenda.
  • Roundtable Discussions: Several times throughout the year the Governmental Affairs Committee host roundtables with elected officials and other events that allow our members to learn about and discuss issues important to the business community. Some notable guest speakers have included both national and state congressmen and senators.
  • Grassroots Advocacy: Periodically, Governmental Affairs will send out Governmental Action Alerts and Governmental Affairs Updates to the membership to spread awareness on what our officials and the committee are doing for the community and encourage individual action among members. Past alerts and updates are listed in the Newsfeed. In addition, city and county commission meetings are monitored to keep abreast of any issues that could affect businesses.

Legislative Agenda

Every year the Governmental Affairs Committee surveys the membership, researches current policy and creates a federal and state legislative agenda for the year. The issues tackled in the agenda are presented to local, state and federal officials and have made an impact on policy in Bay County.

Contacting Governmental Officials

Writing your local officials about issues affecting you and your business is crucial to the democratic process. The Bay County Chamber encourages its membership and citizens of Bay County to be active in communicating with our local representatives.

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The committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month and is open to all Chamber members.  To become a member of this committee contact Aimee Bright at [email protected] or (850)215-3759.

Governmental Affairs Action Alerts