Gulf Coast State College Receives Title III Grant from the U.S. Department of Education

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Gulf Coast State College received a Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education for $2,249,614 over the next five years. This prestigious grant will allow the College to strengthen institutional programs by enhancing academic advising.

The College will utilize the grant to specifically address student completion through the Guided Pathways to Success program. The project entails developing a Guided Pathway Framework with carefully constructed curriculum maps, deliberate opportunities for career exploration, and redesigned critical courses using high-impact practices and emphasizing career contextualization. Strategic student guidance will be implemented starting with a robust onboarding process leading to a pathway-centric orientation, personal coaching, and constructed goal development. This will be followed by intentional advising, and targeted intervention strategies, such as academic tutorial and career support.

“The funds received from the grant will assist in enhancing and ensuring a supportive environment for students, reflective of the College’s commitment to excellence in meeting the educational needs of all students,” stated Dr. Cheryl Flax-Hyman, Interim President.

Guided Pathways to Success is strategically designed to make significant improvements in the lives of students from their first contact with the College, through graduation and beyond. To that end, the entire College community stands ready to implement the program, celebrate its impact on student success, and ensure its continuity to intensify institutional vitality.