Governor Scott Signs Triumph Bill

Community News


Governor Rick Scott visited Bay County Monday for the ceremonial bill signing of the Triumph Bill. Many of the attendees were from the eight effected counties, showing their support as Governor Scott signed the bill to ensure $300 million benefits communities in the Panhandle and ensures economic growth.

Earlier this year, the House and Senate passed Triumph, which ensures that most of the money the state of Florida receives from the BP Oil Spill Settlement will stay in the Panhandle. Governor Scott signed the bill into law on June 2nd.

“It was exciting to be able to sign the Triumph Bill. There’s 300 million dollars here that’s going to improve this part of the state,” said Governor Rick Scott.

The signing of the Triumph Bill is the final stop on a journey that began in 2010 when the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig failed, causing one of the largest spills in history. The spill impacted the lives of business owners, residents and tourists to the Panhandle. Elected officials are excited to finally see this important piece of legislation approved.

“This bill is the future of Northwest Florida and the way it came about has been a collection of every legislator over here, the Governor, even former House Speaker. All of us have worked very hard and very close,” said Senator George Gainer.

Triumph Gulf Coast is a non-profit in charge of distributing the acquired money to economic infrastructure development projects in the eight most affected counties.

“That money is alive right now since he signed it. They’ve got 30 days to place it into the special account for Triumph and in the meantime, they can start figuring out how they want to spend that money,” said Gainer.