Governmental Affairs Alert March 1, 2016

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Several states and nations are targeting the same high-wage industries Florida is targeting. In order to continue to diversify our economy, the Bay County Chamber will continue to support Enterprise Florida’s (EFI) efforts to attract competitive new projects within and to our state. Unfortunately, as the Florida Legislature works to create the state budget, there has yet to be any movement on the Florida Enterprise Fund, which remains at $0. If this program remains at $0, the state will not be able to sign or attract new businesses using incentives next year.

Please reach out to Chairs Richard Corcoran and Tom Lee to share your input to fund Enterprise Florida.

The Bay County Chamber supports:

  • Incentivizing industries that create high-skill, high wage jobs to diversify our economy;
  • Encouraging industries to locate in Florida that produce high-skill, high-wage jobs; and
  • The investment of $250 million into the Enterprise Florida Fund.

Enterprise Florida Resolution (Supporting)