Governmental Affairs Alert February 24, 2016

Community News


The Bay County Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee is proud to bring you this service. As issues develop that directly impact your business and the community, we will send special alerts asking you to respond to our elected officials on a local, state and federal level.

Hydraulic Fracturing “Fracking”

A bill that will preempt local control has passed the House [HB 191] and its companion bill in the Senate [SB 318] is in the third and final committee. The Chamber opposes this threat to our clean water and local control. We encourage you to speak out against SB318, contact Senator Tom Lee and the Appropriations Committee today to express your opposition of state preemption of fracking activities and public records law exemption and encourage the committee to vote “NO” on SB318.
Bay County Chamber of Commerce Fracking Resolution (Opposing)
Bay County Commissioners Fracking Resolution and Letter (Opposing)

Business Rent Sales Tax

The Bay County Chamber of Commerce opposes Business Rent Taxes. Florida is the only state to impose this tax making Florida less competitive and less appealing to new business start-ups and companies that would like to locate here. This money can be better spent on creating new jobs and supporting our local shops and restaurants. Encourage Florida Legislature to reduce the State’s Business Rent Tax by 1 percent per year until completely eliminated.
Please sign this petition today to support a cut in the Business Rent Tax.