GCSC’s Proposed Lab Fee Changes 2023-2024

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In accordance with the Education Access and Affordability bill (HB 7019, Ch 2016-236, Laws of Florida), Gulf Coast State College is notifying the community of changes in institutional student fees at least 28 days before its consideration at the District Board of Trustees meeting.

The law requires schools to post the changes to the institution’s website (www.gulfcoast.edu) and issue a press release. Laboratory fees are charged in accordance with Florida Statute 1009.23 (12)(a). Gulf Coast State College reviews laboratory fees at least every three years. Based on this review, the listed laboratory fees have been changed for the 2023-2024 academic year. Laboratory fees are used to purchase consumable supplies and student insurance specific to these classes in excess of normal supplies required for classroom instruction. The fee changes are listed below.

CourseNumberCOURSE TITLE22-23 Lab Fee23-24 Lab FeeDifference
BSC2010LBiology for Sci Majors I Lab$68.00$63.00($5.00)
BSC2085LHuman Anat/Phy I Lab$27.00$29.00$2.00
BSC2086LHuman Anat/Phy II Lab$27.00$52.00$25.00
BSC1020LHuman Biology Lab$17.00$27.00$10.00
BSC2011LBiology for Sci Majors II Lab$47.00$58.00$11.00
CHM1046LGen Chem & Qual Analysis Lab$38.00$41.00$3.00
CHM1045LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory$38.00$52.00$14.00
CHM2210LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory$77.00$132.00$55.00
CHM2211LOrganic Chemistry II Laboratory$77.00$91.00$14.00
MCB2004LMicrobiology Laboratory$142.00$166.00$24.00
PHY2053LCollege Physics I Lab$9.00$5.00($4.00)
PHY2048LUniversity Physics I Lab$6.00$5.00($1.00)
PHY2049LUniversity Physics II Lab$9.00$5.00($4.00)
PHY2054LCollege Physics II Lab$10.00$5.00($5.00)
PEN2137Adv SCUBA Diving$139.00$150.00$11.00
HSC1403C1st Aid, Prsnl Sfty, BLST$40.00$44.00$4.00
MAN4900Capstone Project$25.00$0.00($25.00)
PHT1200LBasic Skills Lab$154.00$146.00($8.00)
RTE1111CIntroduction to Patient Care$19.00$36.00$17.00
RTE1523LRad Position/Pro III Lab$8.00$13.00$5.00
RTE1503LRad Position/Proc Lab I$10.00$13.00$3.00
RTE1804Clinical Ed I$107.00$92.00($15.00)
RTE2834Clinical Ed IV$79.00$75.00($4.00)
RTE1513LRad Position/Proc Lab II$11.00$13.00$2.00
NUR2520CNgs/Psy Mental Hlt$32.00$33.00$1.00
NUR2420CNsg Maternal-Infant$38.00$39.00$1.00
NUR1210CBasic Care of the Adult$118.00$128.00$10.00
RET1024LRespiratory Care I Lab$384.00$387.00$3.00
RET2878LRespiratory Care III Lab$256.00$308.00$52.00
RET2280LRespiratory Care IV Lab$342.00$335.00($7.00)
RET2714LRespiratory Care V Lab$292.00$336.00$44.00
RET1264LRespiratory Care II Lab$252.00$252.00$0.00
NUR1213CIntermediate Adult Care$123.00$130.00$7.00
NUR2214CAdvanced Adult Care$103.00$110.00$7.00
STS1940CIntroduction to Surgery Clinical$19.00$38.00$19.00
NSP2290LPeriop Nrsng Intrn$81.00$147.00$66.00
HSC1000LOrient Perioperative Srvcs Lab$63.00$252.00$189.00
STS2323LSurgical Simulation Lab I$279.00$243.00($36.00)
STS2330CPrin of Surgical Assisting$287.00$450.00$163.00
STS2366CSurgical Assistant Professional Skills$111.00$249.00$138.00
STS2324LSurgical Simulation Lab II$170.00$263.00$93.00
NSP2090LRg Nrs Fst Ast Theory Lab/Clin$313.00$433.00$120.00
STS1340CPharmacology and Anesthesia$16.00$33.00$17.00
STS2370Surgical Assisting Clinical$246.00$34.00($212.00)
STS2944CSurgical Clinical I $16.00 $21.00$5.00
STS2945CSurgical Clinical II $262.00 $314.00$52.00
STS1310LSurgical Clinical II $232.00 $284.00$52.00
MUN2120Concert Band I $27.00 $-  ($27.00)
MUN2310Concert Chorale I $18.00 $-  ($18.00)
MUN2312Concert Chorale II $13.00 $-  ($13.00)
MUN2710Jazz Ensemble $24.00 $-  ($24.00)
MUN1340Singing Commodores $40.00 $-  ($40.00)