GCSC Foundation Receives Donation for The Gulf Coast Guarantee Program

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The Gulf Coast State College Foundation is excited to announce that it is receiving a donation from Mrs. Charlotte Newby in the amount of $200,000. The donation will be used to support The Gulf Coast Guarantee program to assist all high school students graduating from the GCSC service district with their tuition and fees.

“Gulf Coast State College provided me the college experience on a smaller scale and helped give me the confidence I needed to attend a much larger university. It is a major step leaving home where one feels safe and secure. Relocating to a new world of learning can be overwhelming to a small-town young woman,” said Mrs. Charlotte Newby. “I will always be thankful to Gulf Coast State College for the opportunities it allowed me to pursue as it prepared me for a wonderful career path. I am very pleased to be able to give back so that others may benefit while on their incredible journey toward success.”

Mrs. Newby is the proud owner of Newby’s Trading Company, LLC and has made her name known amongst all locals and tourists alike. As an alumnus of Gulf Coast State College, the Foundation is honored for Mrs. Newby to give back to her alma mater as a prominent business leader in the local community.

“The gift from Mrs. Charlotte Newby represents a significant contribution from a beloved local Panama City Beach business leader,” said Dr. Sean Preston, Executive Director of the GCSC Foundation. “Mrs. Newby’s contribution to the Gulf Coast Guarantee directly supports high school graduates from Bay County and advances the College’s commitment to support local workforce development. The GCSC Foundation is enthusiastically grateful for Charlotte’s support and friendship.”

“The College is extremely grateful to Ms. Newby for her contribution to the Gulf Coast Guarantee. Ms. Newby is a native of Bay County where she attended Gulf Coast State College and then furthered her education at FSU,” said Dr. Cheryl Flax -Hyman, GCSC Interim President. “She continues to contribute back to our community having built successful businesses, contributing to our economy, and now providing the opportunity for the next generation to make their mark. It is what makes Bay County a special place.”

The Gulf Coast State College Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarship opportunities and program support for students enrolled at Gulf Coast State College. The Foundation is committed to the belief that every deserving student merits a chance to continue his or her education regardless of cost. The Foundation, with the support of individuals, businesses, other foundations and grants, has created and endowed more than 750 scholarships. For 52 years, the Foundation has served Gulf Coast State College by donating more than $26 million for scholarship and program support.