Berg Steel Pipe - General Labor

Employment Type: Full Time


General Labor employees are required to safely perform the job functions to strict quality standards. Typical job task include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify plates and control flow of thee plates into the planer.  Initiate and maintain plate markers report. Inspect quality and dimension of plates as necessary.
  • Stencils pipe with information according to standard practices and/or directions from supervision.
  • Assists shipper in pipe shipping activities.  Assists in loading of pipe onto rail cars, trucks, or other conveyances including car or truck set-up, building of dunnage using pneumatic nail guns, etc.
  • Moves pipe through work areas using pipe transport equipment.
  • Grinds surface defects on pipe using a 110 grinder.
  • Inspects ID and OD welds directly after welding to identify visual defects and notify team leader. Grind ID and OD undercuts when feasible. Cut lab test identified by the quality control lab using a natural gas cutting torch.
  • Cut off station cuts pipes off that are identified to have defects using a plasma cutting torch. Grinds ID and OD weld flush after cut off using a pneumatic grinder with a cup grinding wheel.
  • Utilize tools such as, hacksaw, cable, pipe bar, banding and cables, chains, hoists, tractor, forklift -Utilize tools such as fork truck, drum hooks, burning torches, bars, cables, sledge hammers, pneumatic air tools, grinders, crimper devices, etc.

Company Information: Remedy Intelligent Staffing hiring over 75 positions for Berg Steel Pipe.

For more information on the general labor position, please contact Darline Davis at or call 850.258.6782. For more information on Berg Steel Pipe, visit their website: